Social Impulses

Initiative Network Threefolding
(Initiative Netzwerk Dreigliederung)

Institute for Social Present-Day Questions
(Institut für soziale Gegenwartsfragen e.V. Stuttgart)

Udo Herrmannstorfer: Pseudo Market Economy//Nicanor Perlas: Shaping Globalization

 Pseudo Market Economy
Labour, Land, Capital and the Globalisation of the Economy. The book by Udo Herrmannstorfer finally in English (pdf)

Nicanor Perlas: 
 Shaping Globalization
Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding

Meeting of Global Network for Social Threefolding, Israel 2004, 3rd and 2nd from the right Nicanor Perlas and Christoph Strawe

 The Threefolding Movement of 1917-1922 and Its Present SignificanceBy Christoph Strawe

GN3-Essay:  Importance of Social Threefolding in the Age of the Empire MatrixBy Nicanor Perlas and Christoph Strawe

 GATS - Service to Whom? 
Civil Society's Alternatives To The World Trade Organization's Agreement on Services. By Christoph Strawe

 Position Paper: Farming after Cancun: Agriculture in the WTO and beyond   Verzeichnis sämtlicher Jahrgänge pdf-version. By Christoph Strawe and Nicanor Perlas 

 A holistic approach: Conceptual Building Blocks for a Human and Just Globalisation

 Christoph Strawe: Threefolding or Global Governance?

 Christoph Strawe:
Where to go with the Social Systems?
Safeguarding the Future by Reconstructuring the Financing of Social Security from non-wage Labour Costs to a Consumption-related Social Rate

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