Social Impulses

Initiative Network Threefolding
(Initiative Netzwerk Dreigliederung)

Institute for Social Present-Day Questions
(Institut für soziale Gegenwartsfragen e.V. Stuttgart)

Udo Herrmannstorfer: Pseudo Market Economy//Nicanor Perlas: Shaping Globalization

 Pseudo Market Economy
Labour, Land, Capital and the Globalisation of the Economy. The book by Udo Herrmannstorfer finally in English (pdf)

Nicanor Perlas: 
 Shaping Globalization
Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding

Meeting of Global Network for Social Threefolding, Israel 2004, 3rd and 2nd from the right Nicanor Perlas and Christoph Strawe

GN3-Essay:  Importance of Social Threefolding in the Age of the Empire MatrixBy Nicanor Perlas and Christoph Strawe

 GATS - Service to Whom? 
Civil Society's Alternatives To The World Trade Organization's Agreement on Services. By Christoph Strawe

 Position Paper: Farming after Cancun: Agriculture in the WTO and beyond   Verzeichnis sämtlicher Jahrgänge pdf-version. By Christoph Strawe and Nicanor Perlas 

 A holistic approach: Conceptual Building Blocks for a Human and Just Globalisation

 Christoph Strawe: Threefolding or Global Governance?

 Christoph Strawe:
Where to go with the Social Systems?
Safeguarding the Future by Reconstructuring the Financing of Social Security from non-wage Labour Costs to a Consumption-related Social Rate

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